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Madedoc M. Productions.

Connect with Your Audience Through  Visual Storytelling


Lights Camera Action !

We are a team of sought-after filmmakers who’ve worked with award-winning producers and artists in Asia and beyond.  Over the years, we have been proud to count work for some of the most respected companies in the region as part of our portfolio.  From finance to art, from marketing campaigns to editorials, our video production experts ensure we deliver our client’s messages to their target audiences in the most engaging way. 

Branding Video 

MADEDOC MEDIA has helped numerous big companies, including HSBC and Sotheby's, to effectively communicate their brand message through captivating video content. With a proven track record of success, the team's expertise and attention to detail have earned them a reputation as a go-to partner in the industry. 

What We Do


Our expertise extends to crafting TV commercials for both traditional broadcast and online media platforms. Utilizing a team of highly skilled creatives, technicians, and the latest technology, we bring your brand's vision to life. Our goal is to help you connect with your target audience in a meaningful and memorable way. We offer end-to-end services, from concept development to production and post-production, ensuring that your TV commercial is of the highest quality and delivers the desired results.


Madedoc is known for its captivating and high-quality animated content. Skilled animators and storytellers who excel in creating engaging visuals tailored to their unique needs. From explainer videos to promotional animations, the service emphasizes creativity and quality, delivering impactful storytelling through stunning visuals. 

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Fan Bu Fidelman
Fan is a video producer/director with 15 years of experience in journalism and corporate video production. She built her career in New York, working for The New York Times and Morgan Stanley, bringing her high standards and passion for storytelling into every video project she led.

Meet the Team

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Matt Ma
Creative Director
Matt is a seasoned producer director and documentary filmmaker with more than ten years of directing and filming experience in Asia-Pacific countries.
Over the past decade, he has been producing tailored made marketing and communication video content for top global brands including HSBC, Alibaba, Tencent, Sotheby’s.His works have been used as key visual content on social media and high-profile events to deliver messages to employees internally and build the company’s reputation externally.

Sky profile.jpg
Sky Meng Qing
Sky is a Hong Kong cinematographer and visual artist, a member of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographer (HKSC).
In 2023 he won the Best Cinematography Award nomination the 41th Hong Kong film award for the movie on "Where the Wind Blows," a film starring the Tony Leung Chiu Wai.  Since graduated from Master of Arts - Visual Culture Research in Australian National University in 2011, Sky has Engaged in various of visual projects from commercial feature film, documentary to artistic short film for more than 10 years. .

Our Clients

Matt is a seasoned producer director and documentary filmmaker with more than ten years of directing and filming experience in Asia-Pacific countries.

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Unit 12, 21/F, Wayson Comm BLDG

No.28 Connaught Road West

Sheung Wan 

Hong Kong

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